Take a Look Back

Take a look back at more than 12 years of the Psychology One Conference!

2012 (Inaugural Conference)

July 12th and 13th

Paul Brest Hall, Stanford University

Featured Speakers

Charles L. Brewer

Furman University

Reflections on Teaching General Psychology for Fifty Years

Philip Zimbardo

Stanford University

Making Psychology Come Alive

Conference Schedule


2013-2018 (Coming Soon)


Featured Speakers

Stephen Chew

Samford University

Student Trust in the Teacher: Its Impact on Motivation, Perseverance, and Learning

Elizabeth Marsh

Duke University

The Science of Misinformation: A Cognitive Psych Perspective on Fake News and False Beliefs

Conference Schedule

2019 detailed schedule_FINAL.pdf


2021 (VIRTUAL)

2021 virtual detailed schedule.pdf


June 23rd and 24th

Penn Pavilion, Duke University

Featured Speakers

Erin Hardin

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Building Better Citizens Through Intro Psych

Keith Payne

UNC, Chapel Hill

How Ecomomic Inequality Shapes Thinking and Well-Being

Conference Schedule

2022 detailed schedule_FINAL.pdf