General Information


The 2024 Psychology One Conference will be held in-person on June 27th and 28th at Duke University. 

The conference is held over two days and includes many opportuties to engage and connect with other attendees through discussions, activities, and brief and longer presentations. The conference begins at 8:00am both mornings and concludes at 6:30pm on Thursday, and at 1:30pm on Friday. Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks are provided on site. All events are held on Duke's campus, located just minutes from the famous Duke Chapel and picturesque Duke Gardens. 

Participants reflect as a large group and in smaller breakout sessions on the goals of a course in introductory psychology, discussing questions, such as: What is the most important content that a course in introductory psychology can impart to today's students? What are the most important skills that we should be teaching? How can knowledge of psychology inform the methods we use to teach content and skills? In addition to exploring these questions through general discussion, participants think about them concretely by watching and discussing demonstrations of techniques (e.g., class activities and assignments) that participants are using in their courses. As a large group and in smaller breakout sessions, the participants share their favorite techniques and generate new solutions to a wide range of questions that arise when teaching this course. The conference is highly interactive and attendees should come prepared to share and discuss their experiences.

Purpose and History


The purpose of the Psychology One Conference is to harness the vast potential of the introductory psychology course by developing a community of supportive instructors who will share ideas and resources, and will challenge one another to the highest standards of teaching excellence.


Introductory psychology acts as the "spokesperson" for psychology to millions of undergraduates every year. It recruits talented students to the field and provides the first, and sometimes only, point of contact that students have with the discipline's broadly applicable skills and knowledge. The significance of this course, combined with its overwhelming breadth of content, hefty enrollment, and diverse student body, also make it daunting for any instructor.

Given the significance of introductory psychology, Stanford University initiated a conference in 2012 devoted exclusively to teaching this course. The first Stanford Psychology One Conference was organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Stanford’s Psychology One Program, a program devoted to the teaching of introductory psychology. Due to its positive reception, the conference became an annual tradition, supported over the years by grants from the APS Teaching Fund, and the APA’s Board of Educational Affairs.

Seven years later, the Psychology One Conference moved to Duke University with its founder and organizer, Bridgette Martin Hard, an associate professor of the practice in the department of Psychology & Neuroscience at Duke. 

Beginning in 2019, the conference came under the sponsorship of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology